Busy building our tiny house

The walls are finally standing. We’ve already finished a part of the loft too. We are well on our way with building our tiny house, but there is still lots to do to meet our deadline. We want our tiny house to be waterthight before our lectures start again in September.

We don’t want to have to pay for a shed when we don’t have the time to work on our tiny house every day. So there is still a lot to do with only a few weeks left. We want to include the storage space and the stairs into the construction, so that is one of the following steps. Other things that are on the agenda are constructing the roof and dormers. In total our tiny house will measure almost 4 meters in height. The dormers will create more space upstairs in our sleeping area. Also the awkward corners over the wheel arches need to be closed and insulated. The inner walls need to be covered and the electricity needs to be installed. We will probably outsource the installation of electricity and water pipes because our knowledge on this topic is insufficient.

After that the windows need to be installed. We’ll order these in red cedar. The walls need to be insulated and everything will be covered in house wrap. This will make sure everything is waterthight and no moisture can enter the construction. Then it should be possible to move our tiny house outside. We still want to cover it up in case of rain. Overall, there is lots of hard work to be completed in only 3 weeks time.

At Photo’s you can find pictures of the progress on building our tiny house.

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