Tiny House

The concept of tiny house has come over to the Netherlands from America. We first heard about the concept of a tiny house a few years ago, when we came across some videos about tiny houses on the internet. The little houses immediately stole our hearts. After that we found out that there are many more forms of tiny houses than just those on wheels. The beauty of it is that you can decide how you want your house to look. The designs vary from a classic wooden house to creative and innovative works of art with clean lines and round shapes. A tiny house has everything you need and not much more than that. The minimalist and conscious lifestyle sounded very appealing to us. It is a big challenge, but we have decided to go on this adventure! We are building a tiny house ourselves. Read more about this at our blogs.

Here in the Netherlands there is more and more interest in Tiny House. It is a trendy concept, but implementation is often difficult. Marjolein Jonker is one of the first with a tiny house in the Netherlands. Would you like to know more about tiny houses, or talk to others about it? Then you can visit a Facebook page about tiny houses, or look at websites such as tinyhousenederland.nl. There are also many interesting videos on YouTube about building a tiny house. If you want to build a tiny house yourself, we can advise you to contact other people who have already done this. You can contact us via the contact form. Another advice is to visit open days, or you could read a book full of inspiration about tiny houses, such as the books below.