Let’s introduce ourselves…

Hello everyone,

We are Tom (21) and Annemijn (20) and we take on the challenge of building a tiny house. Finally the website has launched, so other people who might be interested can follow our story.

A few weeks ago we picked up the trailer. It was ready sooner than we had expected, so we were still searching for a location to build. A week ago we found a suitable location. There still is lots of stuff laying aroud that belong to other people, but we’ll manage to work around that. We’ve already done a few things to get our trailer ready to build on last week. We’ll explain all of that in future blog posts. Of course not everything went smoothly. On the one hand, this is a big challenge and a very valuable learning process, but on the other hand it also is annoying when things don’t go as expected or as we had hoped. On this site we’ll keep you up to date about how the work is progressing. We will also let you know how the last weeks have gone, from ordering the trailer up until now. We look forward to sharing this adventure with you.


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