About us

“We truly are outdoor people.”

We are Annemijn en Tom, we are 23 and 24 years old and we’re going to build a tiny house in the Netherlands. We both truly are outdoor people. We love a beautiful landscape full of peace. We want to live according to a sustainable and balanced lifestyle. Therefore, a tiny house seems to be the perfect place for us to live. A home-grown vegetable garden and a few chickens completes the picture that we invision.

“Pursuing our dream”

We have decided not to wait until everything just happens. We have taken matters into our own hands and have started to pursue our dream. How many people can say that they’ve built their own house? At other websites about building tiny houses we’ve gained lots of inspiration and learned a lot. Through our blog posts and our photos you can follow our building process, in order that we can share the knowledge we gain with others. Have a look around and let’s be inspired.